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Back in the Saddle

H2H Kevin Case SWHC034

It wasn’t so long ago that Kevin Kase reluctantly accepted the fact his hip pain restricted some of his favorite activities, such as horseback riding and other physical endeavors. But when the pain grew so intense that he couldn’t sit for long, found it difficult to move without severe pain, and was persistently ornery and tired from the constant discomfort, this Platteville small-business owner knew it was time to do something about it.

Thankfully, his primary care doctor, Kevin Carr, MD, recommended Kevin see Southwest Health’s newest orthopedic surgeon, Joshua Lindsey, MD, a Harvard trained specialist, originally from southwest Wisconsin. When Kevin met Dr. Lindsey, he knew he found the right surgeon for the job.

“As soon as Dr. Lindsey walked in the room, I breathed a sigh of relief because he just felt like part of the family,” Kevin said. “I felt like I could sit down to dinner with him. He’s such a nice guy, and you can just talk to him. It’s so easy. As soon as I met and talked with him, I knew I wasn’t going to have a problem.”

Beyond his friendly demeanor and great bedside manner, Dr. Lindsey is highly trained in a wide range of orthopedic skills and holds world-class credentials. He has performed countless joint replacements and has recently completed advanced training to perform an innovative new approach to total hip replacement called the “anterior” approach.

“The anterior hip approach procedure is different from traditional hip replacement because the surgeon makes a smaller incision in the front (anterior) of the hip, rather than the side or back,” said Dr. Lindsey. “Reaching the hip this way through the natural gap in muscles, we don’t have to detach (and later reattach) hip and thigh muscles. This leads to less pain and scarring, along with a shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery for patients.”

After Dr. Lindsey examined him and took diagnostic images of Kevin’s joints, he found a lot of arthritis in Kevin’s hip. In fact, Kevin’s hip bone was worn down and the cartilage was gone, causing bone-on-bone contact and a lot of pain. Dr. Lindsey recommended the anterior hip approach for Kevin, who was delighted at the results.

“Everything went the way Dr. Lindsey said it would,” Kevin said. “When I woke up from surgery, I had none of that pain that I had been living with for the last two years. I could tell I had been cut, but that pain from earlier was gone.”

Kevin was walking with a walker the same day of his surgery. He went home the next day, and began walking with a cane. Soon he was back to his active lifestyle, but this time, without pain.

“I was stiff at first, but I had none of the pain I had before,” Kevin said. “It was all gone. It was crazy. Now, I just get up and go! I can work, run, get up on my horse and ride at a competitive level.”H2H Kevin Case SWHC003

Thanks to his new hip, Kevin is back to enjoying all the things he missed out on for the past couple years, due to his pain. He and wife Lori, who have six boys and three grandsons together, are enjoying an active life together again.

Kevin is quick to compliment Dr. Lindsey’s surgical expertise and warm demeanor and has already referred several people to him.

“Dr. Lindsey did a wonderful job,” Kevin said. “Everything went the way he said it would. Plus he’s a nice guy to get along with. When I first met him, I had confidence in him right away. He’s the real deal.”

To learn more about Dr. Lindsey and other orthopedic services at Southwest Health, call (608) 342-4748 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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