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jodiknight_thumbBy Jodi Knight, MS CCC-SLP, Speech Therapist at Southwest Health

School’s out for summer! Are you worried about your kiddo losing his/her speech and language skills over the summer months? Have no fear; there is a new speech therapist in town!

So many parents worry about skills lost over summer break and for good reason. An extended break from speech and language services can wreak havoc on a child’s success in mastering improved communication. The typical child loses 6 weeks’ worth of skills by the beginning of the next school year. Why not improve the odds and give your kiddo a boost now?

Southwest Health offers full time speech and language services for children of all ages. Parents will no longer have to travel – or worse, go without needed services – to receive speech and language therapy for their kids during the summer.

My name is Jodi Knight and I am an experienced speech-language pathologist with extensive education and training in all things communication related. I have seen firsthand the setbacks that children experience through the summer months. As a former school-based speech therapist, I know how speech and language can become stagnant and often decline without consistent practice. Kids often feel like they don’t need to maintain and use their speech and language skills outside of the school environment. However, communication training during the summer is one of the best ways to increase carryover of skills because there is less pressure on them to perform their school work and focus on improving communication.

Outpatient speech therapy services are available at both Southwest Health’s Platteville and the Cuba City Clinics. Speech services can include speech and/or language delays, stuttering, apraxia (difficulty with planning motor movements as related to speech), articulation, swallowing/feeding/oral aversion, behavioral problems related to impaired communication, training in the use of communication devices and social skills training. Speech therapy often includes drills, exercises, individual and group treatments, home practice (that’s you mom and dad) and, of course, some fun.

I feel every child deserves the ability to communicate effectively and express themselves as individuals to be valued and understood. Don’t you think we, as parents and loved ones, should be the first to advocate for these children who cannot advocate for themselves?

Jodi Knight, MS CCC-SLP, Speech Therapist
The Orthopedic Institute at Southwest Health
(608) 342-4748

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