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Does your knee implant have a serial number?

Patients are often confused with what a surgeon means by saying they are getting a customized knee replacement. Most surgeons are using advanced imaging (CT scans or MRI scans) for the production of cutting blocks, alignment aids or to use with a robot. However, these are not implants. A knee replacement implant is the actual device that is used to replace your knee. There is only one company that manufactures a patient-specific customized implant and that is ConforMIS.  Dr. Lindsey uses this implant for knee replacement surgery because the knee implant itself is created based on each patient’s unique anatomy, which means better results post-surgery.

So if you want a knee implant that’s truly customized for you, the question you should be asking your surgeon is “Does your knee implant have a serial number?”

Information on knee replacement surgery, performed by Dr. Lindsey, at Southwest Health.

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