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About Us

“We get you back in the game.”

Meet Our Teams: The Edge | Physical Therapy | Occupational Therapy | Cardiac Rehab

Joshua Lindsey, MD

From high-performance athletes to high-performance fans, the Orthopedic Institute at Southwest Health is here to bring you back, faster and better.

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The region’s most advanced orthopedic care is in Southwest WI.   Dr. Lindsey is a Harvard trained orthopedic surgeon with dual fellowship training, and he and his staff offer the region’s premiere bone, joint, and sports medicine care.

The Orthopedic Institute is a true champion in orthopedic surgery. And it’s all in easy reach:

  • The very latest techniques in surgery
  • Custom knee replacements
  • Minimally invasive arthoscopic surgeries
  • Sports medicine care
  • A complete and ultra modern rehab therapy department
  • Athletic training services for area schools
  • The EDGE, science driven programs to optimize sports performance

Originally from Mineral Point, Wisconsin, Dr. Lindsey brings his patients amazing skills, experience, and expertise. He earned his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin before completing a highly competitive orthopedic residency program in Seattle. To hone his remarkable skills, he then also completed prestigious fellowship training in joint replacement (Harvard in Boston, MA) and in shoulder and sports medicine (University of Rochester, NY). Through this training, Dr. Lindsey gained a wealth of specialized orthopedic experience that would otherwise have taken decades to acquire, making him an exceptional orthopedic specialist early in his career.

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Our Advanced Care Means Less Pain and Faster Recovery for You

We offer innovative care not available in Dubuque or Madison. Plus, with the absolute latest in CT and MRI scanners just down the hall, Dr. Lindsey and his team have access to the high tech imaging machines they need. And with rehab experts and certified athletic trainers in a fully equipped department, you get everything and everyone you need to come back faster and better than ever.

SH_Ortho_webBanner_600x315Custom Knees

We’re proud to be the only orthopedic center between Minneapolis and Chicago offering this exciting knee replacement alternative. Traditional knee replacement surgery uses off-the-shelf implants, modifying the knee bones to fit the implant. Here, we’re using CT scans of your knee to build custom implants with amazing new 3D printing technology. While no costlier than the traditional method, custom knees are unique to you and perfectly fit your own anatomy (because they practically ARE your own anatomy. And that results in a natural feel and alignment with far less risk of post operative discomfort.

Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement

Another innovative approach to keep you going strong: our direct anterior hip replacement offers many patients a faster return to daily activities. Though it’s not available in all cases, the anterior approach requires a special operating table to reach the hip through the natural gap between muscles. “This technique is muscle sparing,” says Dr. Lindsey. “With this method we can reduce the trauma to muscles, reduce days in the hospital, and reduce pain. The biggest advantage of this approach is that patients have less cumbersome restrictions placed on them during their initial recovery period.”

Our Personal Care Will Help You Get Better Faster

With us, it’s always personal. And that means we truly deliver when it comes to “caring”. We have a passion for patient care. And we have a passion for compassion. From fluffing your pillow to putting your fears at rest… from explaining everything about your procedure to controlling your pain the best way possible… you are our number one priority. Always.

“I love to talk to people,” say Dr. Lindsey. “Showing patients exactly what options they have, educating them about procedures, and helping people make informed decisions about their care are things I’m passionate about.” As a high school student, Dr. Lindsey was involved in a serious car crash and remembers not being fully aware of what was happening during his recovery. “I want to improve on that. I want to communicate effectively with patients and their families. I always remember this personal experience when I talk with my patients.”

Home Grown Roots

Married with three young children, Dr. Lindsey is the son of retired Obstetrician and Gynecologist Everett Lindsey, MD, who is well known and well respected throughout southwest Wisconsin. “My parents lived in rural Wisconsin just outside of Mineral Point and have cared for people for decades. They have always been very happy,” says the younger Dr. Lindsey. “I want my kids to go to school in a small town and enjoy a similar kind of childhood to the one I had in Mineral Point.”

Physician Assistant Provider

PhilBurrPhil Burr, PA-C

Mr. Burr is a Lancaster native who has specialized in orthopedics as a P.A. since 2005.  He has a vast amount of experience in the office and hospital settings including a wide variety of orthopedic care for patients of all ages.  Prior to becoming a P.A., he has worked as an athletic trainer at the collegiate level for both Indiana State University and Lehigh University.  He has a Master of Science Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from DeSales University, a Master of Science Degree in Athletic Training from Indiana State University, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training from UW La Crosse.

He is a Certified Physician Assistant, a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, the Physician Assistants in Orthopedic Surgery, and the Wisconsin Academy of Physician Assistants. Phil’s main goal when taking care of people is to understand what problems they are having and how these problems affect them. He is dedicated to helping them get rid of these problem and get back to doing the things they love to do, as safely and quickly as possible. Phil specializes in orthopedics, orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, fracture care, injections, musculoskeletal ultrasound, casting, splinting, bracing, and rehabilitation.

Mr. Burr and his wife Christina Burr, who is a Dermatology PA-C in the Specialist Clinics here at Southwest Health, met one another in high school as members of the swim teams of Platteville and Lancaster High Schools. Together the couple is eager to give back by contributing to the health of the communities they grew up in.

“What drives us both is being able to make a difference in people’s lives,” says Mrs. Burr. “It’s an honor for us to return to southwest Wisconsin to practice medicine.”

The Burrs are an active couple who participates in outdoor activities, including camping, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, and fishing. They also have a son and enjoy spending time with family.

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