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Custom Knees


Imagine a new type of knee replacement that’s totally you and totally custom.

Your knees are complex. They’re the largest and most amazing joint in the human body. And now, your knee replacement can be just as unique as you and your original knees!

Traditional knee replacements use “off-the-shelf” implants with standard sizing for everyone. But, thanks to the expertise of our Harvard trained orthopedic surgeon Joshua Lindsey, MD, we’ve changed that old fashioned approach. Using high resolution 3-dimensional MRI images of your knee, Dr. Lindsey can have custom implants with custom surgical tools built that work for you and you only. You’ll have a one-of-a-kind knee that works just for you and your unique anatomy.

“Knee replacements top the national list for how patients rate surgical procedures in reducing their pain. And that’s a real positive, since the number of patients requiring knee replacements is rising as the baby boomers age.” Says Dr. Lindsey

Despite the benefits and high patient satisfaction levels, approximately 10 to 15 percent of patients continue to have pain after surgery. A main cause of that is the inability to replicate the complex anatomy of the knee with the standard knee implants. Dr. Lindsey and his team have the best solution to that problem using their custom 3D printed knee implants – which improve the fit and reduce the risk of post-surgical pain.

ConforMIS is the only company in the world supplying the unique custom knees. Well before your surgery, Dr. Lindsey will send you for a highly precise CT scan of your knee. Using this 3D image, he’ll create a detailed plan for your surgery, including a custom designed knee using the absolute latest 3D printing technology. See the video for more on this amazing custom fit process. Custom-fit surgery just for you is another way, we’re going further to get you back to the life you deserve.

Though some patients with significant bone deformities or specific types of ligament damage are not candidates for this implant, ConforMIS knee implants are an important technological advancement in orthopedic care; and you can find them right here at the Orthopedic Institute at Southwest Health.

Get back to the NEW old you!


Surgery is not right for everyone. If you are experiencing pain the first step is making an appointment. There might be other treatment options available to you through our physical therapy and rehabilitation department that don’t require surgery. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 608-342-6210 or click here.