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Procedures & Treatments

Fracture Care

fractureWe treat all types of fractures at Southwest Health, throughout all stages of the healing process. Some fractures may require surgery to align the bones and to promote better long term function, but most can be treated without surgery.

The initial care for the fracture typically includes x-rays that can be done on site, as well as the application of an initial custom molded splint that stabilizes the fracture and allows the swelling to go down. The swelling typically goes down in one to two weeks, at which point the splint is removed and a cast or fracture brace can be applied.

Once the bone has healed enough, the cast or fracture brace can be removed and therapy exercises can be started. Most fractures heal enough to return to normal activities within 6-12 weeks.

Some fractures are treated with surgery to obtain the best pain relief and function possible. these fractures are often treated the same as non-operative or non-surgical fractures initially until the swelling goes down. This usually takes a week or so. When treating fractures surgically, Dr. Lindsey and his team employ cutting edge surgical techniques to realign the fracture and provide stability to the fracture site until the bones can heal. Most surgical procedures are short and you are able to go home the same day to start your recovery.


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