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My Knee

Your are one of a kind. Your new knee should be too.

Knees come in just as many shapes and sizes as there are knees in the world. Each is unique. Even in the same person, the right knee is different from the left.

So since knees are so unique, how do we find knee implants that work for every patient in knee surgery?

Until very recently, the only available solution has been to make a symmetric implant of several sizes that will fit closely enough to satisfy the majority of patients. The surgeon chooses the closest size to the patient’s original knee before shaping the patient’s bone to make it fit. In other words, a surgeon may accurately measure you to be a size 5.3. However, the only options available are a size 5 or a size 6. Using a cutting block, a surgeon will fashion a patient’s 5.3 knee to fit a size 5 implant.

To be clear, using a robot does not change this problem of fit. The machine is simply an expensive alignment aid and does not affect the size and shape of the implant.

The good news is you no longer have to accept an off-the-shelf knee and the sizing problem in our example. The knee implants Dr. Joshua Lindsey uses are the most advanced technology available, and they solve BOTH the alignment and the fit problems in one. Dr Lindsey uses the Conformis knee, which is not mass-produced, but rather custom designed and produced for each patient, one knee at a time.

The Conformis knee comes with precision alignment aids specifically customized for each patient. More important yet is that the implant itself is computer designed to fit the unique anatomy of only one patient’s knee – yours. Because it’s a completely custom part, each one comes with a unique serial number, and there is only one like it in the world.

The way we see it, if your knee is a size 5.3, your knee replacement should be a size 5.3 too.

Why is this important? This customization technology has led to better results and less pain for patients post-surgery.  Our patients tell this part best – see real patient experiences below.

Teresa Pleumer – Total knee replacement story

Knight Wynn – Follow up at 8 months post surgery

Click here to see Knight’s full surgery story.

Jason Weigel’s Story

I’ve been dealing with knee pain for 25 years.  I had arthroscopic surgery 2 times before and was told the last time, 15 years ago, that I was going to need a knee replacement eventually.  After trying cortisone injections and therapy with little success I decided it was time.  My pain was limiting my quality of life and after visiting with Dr. Lindsey I decided this was the right decision.

I had heard nothing but good things about Dr. Lindsey.  He has built a reputation for being the best around for joint replacement.  I knew I was in good hands with him being my surgeon after discussing my options with him.  Plus he explained the whole process to me prior to surgery.  Dr. Lindsey genuinely cares about his patients and helping them have a successful outcome.

The recovery has been going good.  I’m just on my 4th week of recovery so I’m still limited on what I can do but I’m able to do more and more each day.  I ran the skid loader this morning and fed my beef cows which is more than I expected to be able to do 23 days after surgery.  I feel my results have been better because my implant was custom made and the replacement fits right into place rather than having 3-4 different sizes to choose from and using the closest fit.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Lindsey to others.  He is the best orthopedic surgeon, as far as I’m concerned, and the community of Platteville and surrounding communities are lucky to have him at Southwest Health.