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Sports Medicine

We’ll Give You The Opportunity. You Do The Rest.

We share your passion for sports. The way we see it, we only succeed when you’re performing at your best. So, whether you’re an aspiring athlete or a weekend warrior, we are here to get you– and keep you– at the top of your game.

We do that first and foremost by helping you prevent, manage, and recover from injury. For that, we’re the region’s experts.

Yet we’re also here to help you get serious about building the strength, speed, agility, and power you need to reach your athletic goals. Doing that requires scientifically proven sports-specific strategies designed just for you. That’s why we built The EDGE — serious sports performance optimization at its finest.

Ultimately, raw talent only carries you so far. Keeping you in the game and playing at your best requires expert knowledge, individualized programs, the best facilities and equipment, as well as the passion to make it all work for you. And they all come together at the Orthopedic Institute.