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Sprains and Strains

Common Ankle Sprains

The ankle sprain is one of the most common ankle injuries. Ankle sprains typically happen when a person’s foot lands on an uneven surface and the ankle rolls. The sprain is an injury to the ligaments that stabilize the ankle joint, and it occurs when the ligaments become stretched too far. Ligaments may be partially or completely torn. Common symptoms include pain with swelling, bruising and an inability to walk on the injured ankle. If these symptoms prevent you from playing or walking, we recommend you seek medical attention.

Preventing ankle sprains:

  • Maintain or improve lower body strength
  • Improve proprioception (mindful awareness of body position in space)
  • Perform proper dynamic warm up before intense activity
  • Boost agility and coordination
  • Increase core and buttock strength, especially the gluteus medius (outer hip muscle)
  • Use proper footwear for each sport or activity

Athletes serious about preventing injury should strongly consider a program with The EDGE.

High Ankle Sprains

A high ankle sprain means ligaments above the ankle joint (syndesmotic ligaments) are injured.  Pain and swelling often accompany this injury. High ankle sprains are not as common as regular ankle sprains, but the recovery time is greater because the syndesmotic ligaments typically take longer to heal.

Preventing high ankle sprains is similar to preventing lower ankle sprains. Through your school, our athletic trainers may help young athletes take specific steps to help prevent these injuries. You may also consider a program at The EDGE.