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EDGE Training

Advanced training techniques at the edge

At the EDGE, we use researched methods to help athlete’s increase their power and explosiveness, improve their vertical and standing broad jump, functional core strength, balance, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (set of stretching techniques used to enhance both active and passive range of motion). Programs at the EDGE are designed for individuals to obtain their goals for their sport.

kettlebellEach session is about 75 minutes long and is tailored to each athlete’s specific needs.  All sessions are small group based and allow for individual focus in addition to motivation from our sports performance trainers. Body weight exercises, TRX training, Bosu training, Kettlebells, and floss bands are a few of our methods used during a workout session.
The EDGE offers a high level supplement to an athlete’s schools weight training program. Athletes are also encouraged to continue training during their sports season in a common sense method to avoid burn out and maintain their gains in performance.

Start a conversation today on how to turn your hard work into your best performance by scheduling your evaluation with The EDGE.